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This updated version of the standard FUE implant technique has many advantages. Not only is the final result shockingly natural-looking, this procedure is painless, leaves no scars, and allows you to return to work within one week with no marks or redness.
This updated version of the standard FUE implant technique has many advantages. Not only is the final result shockingly natural-looking, this procedure is painless, leaves no scars, and allows you to return to work within one week with no marks or redness.

The results are obvious

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Your own follicles, implanted one by one

As for any hair transplant, the FUE technique consists of transferring a patient’s follicles from one part of the scalp to another. Practically, it is the hair from the crown (the back and sides of the head) that will be extracted. Indeed, they have the unique trait of never falling out, even after a transplant.

To do so, your follicles will be extracted and re-implanted one by one manually by the doctor responsible for your procedure. This “unit by unit” and manual approach of the FUE One Touch method is groundbreaking, and demands complete mastery of the motion. Know-how, experience, and care on the medical professional’s part are crucial for the proper implantation of the follicles.


Natural Results

Performed only by doctors

No scars or stitches

Fast Return at work

Personalized treatment plan

90% growth rate


Natural Results

Performed only by doctors

No scars or stitches

Fast Return at work

90% growth rate

Personalized treatment plan

Transplant Applications

Each step of the way, the FUE One Touch technique respects your scalp. Conducted with the aid of a local anesthetic, perfectly benign from a medical perspective, it demands neither holes nor incisions. Your follicles are extracted thanks to a “punch”, an extremely thin bit (0,7 mm to 1 mm diameter) and implanted with a Choi injector (a type of critérium whose tip is replaced by the graft) by exerting a light pressure on its piston.

Indeed, each unit is implanted manually with an angle, a depth, and a direction determined by your expectations and your unique specificitiy (age, gender, type of baldness, level of hair loss …). The advantage of this kind of FUE procedure is twofold : it makes your hair graft undetectable and fully respects the natural layout of your hair, protecting your scalp from edemas and scars.

FUE grafts for eyebrows, beards, and mustaches

  • Though the majority of patients call upon FUE to counteract hair loss, for both men and women, it can also serve a variety of other purposes. For example, it is perfect for thickening, reforming, or reconstructing eyebrows, beards and mustaches.
  • The principle and performance remain the same as for hair transplants : follicles are extracted from the back of the head and are re-implanted on the face, respecting your natural angle and direction. Once grafted, they will adapt to their new environment and will grow in the same manner as other facial hair.

A procedure focused on comfort and well-being

During the extraction and implantation of follicles, we do everything in our power to promote your comfort. Indeed, we are at the forefront of pain management for our procedures. Thanks to a high-technology device, we are capable of mitigating feeling in the targeted area so as to ensure you go through this process untroubled.

With great care taken to guarantee the best possible experience, each Starks center is equipped with high-end beds, typically found in spas and resorts. These are infinitely more comfortable than traditional medical examination tables.

Starks goes beyond the frontiers of

capilary regeneration.

We present the best solutions today.

Steps we follow

  1. Enter the clinic, conversation with consultant, discussion of family and case history (anamnesis)
  2. Define patient’s goals and expectations
  3. Examine the scalp and hair, measure donor area and receiving area
  4. Use a special camera to count follicles
  5. Establish a project that combines our patients desire with feasibility
  6. Pick a date for the procedure, or take time to reflect

Frequently Asked Questions

Is FUE One Touch a safe procedure?

Yes Fue One Touch is a perfectly safe procedure. Firstly, at Starks, this procedure is performed only by specialized, experienced doctors that have undergone intensive training. Moreover, the technique is performed with single use instruments, in a sterile environment that guarantees the safety of our patients. In contrast with the FUT technique which causes not only intensive scarring of the donor area, but also entails a high risk of infection, the FUE One Touch is minimally invasive and therefore it is completely scar-free and has virtually no risk of infection.

Is it painful?

No, FUE One Touch is not a painful procedure. You might feel a slight discomfort during the first pinch of anesthesia but that is all. Also, since there is no scarring (in contrast with FUT), the post session recovery is fast and patients might only feel a slight headache for a couple of hours after the procedure. Your scalp can also feel a little bit tight for a couple of days following the procedure, but not painful.

How long does it last?

Depending on the amount of follicles to be implanted, you can expect a hair transplant session to last anywhere from 3 to 6 hours. At Starks, we ensure that we provide a great experience during those hours. Our medical team will take make your comfort a priority during the procedure. You could, for instance, enjoy a nice lunch, a movie on Netflix or even play your favorite games!

Will I have any scars?

The FUE One Touch technique is minimally invasive and practically scar free. The extraction and the implantation are conducted with special instruments with a diameter of less than 1.00mm, therefore after a few days you wont even be able see any signs of the transplant.

How much time is needed off work?

If you work an office type job, you can go back to work the next day if you want! For any type of physical labor or physically demanding job, you should wait 1 week before returning to work. Do keep in mind that for the 48 hours following the transplant we recommend that you spray the implanted follicles with natural saline every 30 minutes!

When will I start seeing the results?

The results start to show the 3rd month after the session. Normally about 70% of the growth is achieved after the first 6 months and the overall result is attained at about 12 months. But this may vary slightly from patient to patient.

Do I have to shave my hair?

Depending on your case, we offer different options at Starks. You can go for a total shave, a marine shave which means we only trim the donor area, or even a line shave if you keep your hair longer. In some cases, even completely unshaven sessions can be performed by our team of specialists. However, keep in mind that for unshaven sessions more time is needed to achieve the optimum grafts number, though the results will not be affected.

After the transplant, will I keep losing hair? Will I need another transplant in the future?

Unfortunately hairloss and androgenetic alopecia are ongoing problems. Therefore, depending on the Norwood classification of your alopecia, your age, and your family history, a different conservative plan might be needed to prolong the life of your existing hair. But do keep in mind that the transplanted hair doesn’t fall out, it grows normally and lasts for a lifetime.

Are the results going to look natural?

Absolutely. The FUE One Touch technique guarantees natural results. This is because our medical experts will create a detailed implantation plan based on the individual needs of each patient, and the hairs are implanted with special devices called implanters. With these, we can completely control the depth, the angle, and the direction of the hairs in order to achieve a perfectly natural result.

How much does it cost?

The price of a hair transplant procedure is subject of certain factors. The number of grafts, the hours needed for the transplant, and the type of shave you have chosen. At Starks our aim is to offer high end medical services at affordable prices, thus we have specific payment plans so that you will never have to sacrifice quality because of a price tag.

How long before I can wear a hat?

You should not wear any type of hat for 7 days after the operation. After 1 week, you can start wearing baseball caps again, and must wait 1 month to wear helmets or any other type of hat.

When can I start working out again?

You should not work out or play any type of sports for 1 week following the procedure. From 8-15 days following the procedure, you can gently start again. After this period, you can go back to your full workout regimen.

I could use many fine words to describe the exemplary welcome and treatment I received at Starks but I think the following anecdote says far more - I recently visited a walk-in hairdresser in London the young man cutting my hair quite simply refused to believe my hair was anything but my own original head of hair, to the point that I returned the following day with my old telephone containing the before and after photographs , within minutes I found myself surrounded by all the employees of the salon admiring in disbelief the masterwork accomplished by the Starks team. I must add a special thank you to Corine for her attention to the small details that made everything so much easier and pleasant

The consultant explained the prep very clearly. The doctor listened carefully to my thoughts about the "design". I joked that I don't want to end up looking like werewolf: I want to keep my naturally high forehead, but fill in towards corners/edges. He understood completely and came up with an excellent design (a bit different from what many want).
The room was comfortable, and the lidocaine worked beautifully, so it was painless. It took around 5.5 hours of work (that's not including a couple breaks, which we all needed). The doctors and consultant explained the complicated post-op procedures to me with crystal-clarity, as well as the important matter of when I could expect what. Thanks again for making this possible.

Great team that not only took on my hair transplant in a speedy and professional manner, but also reassured me about my transplant choice throughout the process.

I have reached my personal goal, and have had very professional advice and follow-ups. No discomfort or pain during or after the procedure. I highly recommend Starks !

Thrilled with the result. No losses the first few months, which results in denser hair after only a couple of weeks. The follow-up with Corine is always very pleasant and professional.I deeply advise all my friends with receding hairlines to go to Starks.

9 months after the procedure, I am completely thrilled with the result. I recommend this procedure to anybody interested in a hair transplant.

Starks supports you in the fight against alopecia (baldness) and hair loss.

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